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Slow train coming

  The space is pervaded with green, with the chirping of birds and the sweet smell of pollen. We are in the countryside of Dordogne, and it would be difficult for anyone to find a more idyllic setting. In general, I try not to read the news, especially here, but whenever I do, that idyllic image is replaced by another one: the slow train, picking up speed downhill. The machine engineers are incompetent and instead of stopping it and repairing the faults with care, they keep on loading it with coal. Its lights are on in the darkness; they illuminate only the small patch in front, so the passengers could see the end, but only in a fashion.  Why are we in a such a hurry to destroy our civilisation? Do we have so much that we are bored with it? There was this boredom in the air before the epidemic in 2020. I had the feeling that people, especially the young ones, were waiting eagerly for something to happen. Anything. Just not that day after day boredom. They were trying to shake it off –

The expanse of space

When I was a child, I would often fly in my dreams. It was wonderful to soar in space - no wings, no feathers  - just me and the sky. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with the feeling that I could jump out of bed and fly my way to breakfast!
Unfortunately, after some time I developed a kind of worry. Electric cables appeared in my dreams and with them the fear that I might get caught up in them. I mentioned it to my mum and she laughed, brushing my fear off in the most nonchallant way. 'Those are just the telephone cables. The electric ones have been put underground long way ago.'
Now I think that my mum dealt with this most skilfully. Instead of trying to convince me that it was just a dream and it didn't matter, she took it seriously and gave me the help I needed on a material level. After that I kept on flying without fear. Of course, that lasted for a while. Later the cables of my concepts, criss-crossing the space of my mind, made sure that I stayed grounded.

Looking at the beautiful sky over Los Angeles, I wonder: how do people fly here in their dreams with so many cables tied up in the sky! 

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